Sample Works

  • Art Sample 4- Hair Scrunchies

    I love using my repeat pattern designs for this type of hair accessories. I sometimes illustrate custom character designs as well. Such as this Katsuki Bakugo inspired hair scrunchie. I love it when customers recognize his design right away.  
  • Art Sample 3- Watchbands

    Probably the most niche item in my shop are my watchbands. They are in scrunchie form but I have a few in a flat band version. I love bringing these to cons since I always hear everyone complain how normal smart watch straps are uncomfortable. It is always a joy to hear how comfortable my watchbands are from my convention customers. These are also illustrated and hand made by me.
  • Art Sample 2 - Chiffon Hair Bows

     I feel my chiffon hair bows really help me challenge my illustration and design skills. I try to make these to feel you are representing a character. My goal is keep it subtle but some designs are I create right on the nose. My Venti inspired bow is definitely one of my favorites. Here is a mock up and the final product.
  • Art Sample 1- Sailor Hair Bows

    I illustrate all the designs see on my samples. One of my favorite items to make in my shop are these Sailor-style hair bows. I love repurposing my repeat design patterns into multiple items so that everyone can enjoy the design.